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Birthdate:Oct 3
"The world needs better heroes... ";

FANDOMS: (by order of activity)
♥ DC Comics
♥ Marvel Comics
Battlestar Galactica (RDM)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
♥ MLB baseball

This journal is"friends-locked" as of 19 November 2008. I'm likely to talk about any of the above in my journal. I don't post often about real life. I make icons/banners and write fanfic which I will eventually finish! (It helps if I have a deadline.) I post picspam and write occasional meta. Sometimes, I rec things I like: fanfic, meta, vids, interviews, etc. I am gen, het, and slash friendly.

Fandom is my 'personal' time, and a very casual thing for me. Sometimes, I miss a reply or don't get to commenting to an awesome post. It doesn't mean I didn't read it. In fact, a lot of times, I want to say something detailed to well-constructed meta or fanfic, and end up saying nothing because of time and embarrassment. *headdesk* I'm sorry. It's something I'm working on amending.

Friending:I love "friends". I don't mind dissenting opinions. Respectful debates make me happy. If you friend me, please comment on this post. If there's something I connect with in your journal, I'm likely to friend you back. If I friend you, it's because I think you're interesting, but my feelings won't be hurt if you don't friend me back.

LJ Communities I moderate or co-moderate:[personal profile] buckycap, [profile] comics_squee, [profile] timcomesout.

My personality type: the analytical thinker
I adopted cute little Superman/Batman fetuses from fetusmart!

Showin' Some Love

♥ Omar Vizquel is love. ♥

Smallville is love. ♥

♥ Jean/Scott is love. ♥

♥ Tim Drake is love. ♥

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"darrrrk vengeance!!!", "spontaneous conception via timetravel", 'brave and the bolding', 'extra narrative participation', 42, action adventure drag, al pratt's fuck-up kids, alan's library, alex summers, askani, atlee, barbara gordon, bart allen, baseball, batfamily, battlestar galactica, beisbol, billy kaplan, birds of prey, bruce wayne, bullet taking greg rucka, captain america, catalina flores, checkmate, chris summers, clark kent, comic books, comics, comics rockstars, conner kent, courtney whitmore, dc comics, dc greater than marvel, dcu trinity, eli bradley, far beyond the stars, glamor pants, green bubbles of potency, green lanterns, helena bertinelli, jaime reyes, jamie bamber, jason aaron's scalped, jason todd, jean grey, jennie-lynn hayden, jesse&rick:billboard hotties, jsa breakfast habits, justice society of america, karen starr, kate bishop, kate spencer, kent family, kon-el, krypton, kyle rayner, lana lang, latenight bucky/natasha/clint rendezvous, lex luther, little demon, lois lane, lorna dane, luthor family, magic underwear, marauders, mark waid is evil, marvel comics, marvel movies, maxine hunkel, michael carter, michael holt, nate grey, nathan summers, off panel bffs, omar vizquel, original five, phoenix, pieter cross, punkrock!invaders, reality-bending metafictional freakouts, renee montoya, robin is to eromenos..., robins on the go, roy harper, scott summers, secret six, shortstops, smallville, star trek, stephen colbert, steve rogers, subby, summers family, superfamily, superheroes, swing music, tarantula, ted kord, teen titans, text-based roleplay, the audacity of hope, the garrick/scott "arrangement", the speed force, the sub-mariner's ankle wings, the swingin avenger, thomas blake, tim role-playing tim drake, titillating themes talk, todd rice, tom welling, toro, unit dayspring, universal dick love, walking the dc talk, whedon's astonishing x-men, whys&wherefores of hal jordan, worlds finest, x-man, x-men, y:the last man, young justice, zinda blake
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